New York City celebrates NYE 2014 with a once in a lifetime journey through space, snow and sound. An unexplored frozen universe awaits you. With your senses as your guide, follow us into the abyss. Follow us as we venture inside Winter Galactic.

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As the sun dims and the air grows cold, quiet fills the space around us. Frozen water falls from the sky. Warm breath escapes from within. The only light is that from above: The moon, the stars, the faint hues of distance worlds. It’s moments like these which beg the question, “Is there something out there?”

But you already know the answer.

Join us at the core – an interstellar medium between the rush of cold that invigorates life, the vast realms of the cosmos and the music that unites us as one.

A new year is upon us. Experience it through a glass of space, snow and sound.

Experience New Year’s Eve as you never have. Experience Winter Galactic.